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Mindfulness for Parents (6 week series)

Parenting is a deep form of mindfulness practice, and our best mindfulness teachers are our children. Why? Because they show us where our cracks are, as well as our crystals. They provide ample opportunity for us to see our own judging, striving, resistance, suffering - to come into close contact with the inner workings of our mind/bodies. Children are more inclined to live in the moment, and can remind us what that’s like. Cultivating a mindfulness practice allows us to sink more deeply into all of the moments of our lives - to live our lives more fully.
When we’re sitting on a quiet beach, feeling the warm sand, and listening to lapping waves, it can be easy to take a pause to be present. It’s when we’re trying to get naps taken, to get dinner on the table, to understand our teenager, to get homework done or teeth brushed, to negotiate friends or screens or food, to do all of these at once - the normal stresses of parenthood - that’s when being present and choosing how to respond is a formidable challenge. Mindfulness for Parents is not about how to get the naps taken, how to make the dinner, or what to say to your child about her friends or his screen time - we know you will figure that out in your own way, in your own time. This is a mental/emotional skills training course, in which you will cultivate tools that you can use to bring your own presence to every moment, so that when you do decide how to go about getting teeth brushed or homework done, you can do so from a place of awareness and choice, rather than a place of reactivity and stress.

+ $180 for six week series (Wednesdays - May 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, June 5th, 12th)

+ pre-registration required

+ instructor: Molly Weingrod



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