Our mission is to provide a thoughtful space that supports healthy childhood and parenthood development in the early years. Our child-led play space, educational classes, and support groups provide an environment for connection, growth, and empowerment. In this way, Kith + Kin supports thriving families that strengthen the entire community.

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Our Philosophy



Zero to five is the most important and sensitive time period for brain development, and our space is designed specifically for the developing mind.  From the open-ended play equipment and toys, to the art and decor, every element stimulates the senses and encourages child’s work, play. Our environment was created for meaningful play that supports motor, cognitive, language, and social development.  We strongly encourage caregiver’s to follow their child’s lead, and watch the brain at work!  Visit our pricing page for more information on memberships and pricing!

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Parenting is hard, and should never take place in isolation. Our space is as inviting to caregivers as it is to children and is designed to make everyone feel welcome, comfortable, and supported. Connection with other parents is inevitable and strongly encouraged!  There is relaxed seating for adults, and a cafe and lounge for a coffee or snack break.  Check out our resource board and community book exchange, which focuses on pregnancy and parenting.  Additionally, we host support groups and workshops that aim to educate, support, and empower parents.  Check out our calendar page for more info!

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We believe that it truly takes a village to raise a child. When we know our neighbors, our support system expands and our communities act as safe havens to learn and grow together. Kith + Kin is a place that welcomes all members of the community, and encourages building those important relationships. Our Onward Mama Initiative seeks to contribute to stronger, thriving communities by decreasing barriers to access quality programming for families. See below for more information on our onward mama initiative and how to join or contribute! Also, please call or email us anytime!

Kith + Kin Community | Community Building

 Onward Mama Initiative

research has found that without concrete support in times of need, families fail to thrive. the onward mama initiative was created to decrease barriers to access quality programming that benefit families.


we offer 50% off of all drop-in rates, play passes, and memberships for access cardholders, thus increasing educational opportunities for families. scholarships are also available for select classes and workshops (inquire within!). additionally, all guests are invited to contribute to our mama share, which accepts monetary donations for families seeking enriching experiences for their children, but cannot afford to do so. families on our mama share list are chosen in consecutive order, and credit will be added to their account to be spent on select kith + kin products and services. for more details, please call or email us anytime!


Meet our Founders


Eden Coffey

Before creating Kith + Kin with my partner Jess, I was a public health nurse with a specialty in early childhood development.  I worked for a non-profit home visit program that served young children and their families all over Philadelphia. Working with so many families, I noticed the instinctual need for support and community (which was often lacking) to share in the incredibly important role of raising a child. When I had my son, I didn't know that many moms, and deeply craved those parent relationships. After meeting Jess, we knew we wanted to create a space for the community to support one another on this journey. We wanted a space for children to thrive through meaningful play, and parents to connect on a deeper level through sharing their stories, challenges, and wisdom with one another. I hope that you come and  feel all the love and intention we put into Kith + Kin, because here, you are family. If you see me in the space, please say hi! I could talk baby raising all day :) 

When I’m not living Kith + Kin, you can find me outside on adventures with my family, or at home with something in the oven and the music up loud.

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Jess Jones

Before Kith + Kin came to life, I left a successful career in the fashion industry to be a stay at home mama to my son, Bo. While I felt so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend so much time with him, it also felt strangely isolating. It was shortly after that I was lucky enough to meet Eden, and realize that all that was missing in my life was another mama friend who was experiencing so many of the same things I was. After months of bonding over being first time parents, and endless playdates with our two boys, Kith + Kin began coming to life. We both felt so passionate about this idea of helping others in our community know and feel that they weren’t alone in this parenthood journey. And that we wanted to be here for them. So what started as a very small idea soon became something we never expected. Once we began opening our minds to all of the possibilities and opportunities we could offer to the community, the ideas flooded in and we couldn’t stop. I am so grateful for the people we have met along this journey thus far, all whom have helped shape what Kith + Kin has become. A beautiful, safe and sacred space for our friends and families.

When I’m not working on Kith + Kin, you can find me out and about on adventures with my son and spending as much time with my friends and family as possible.


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