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Brittany Sharpe Mcollum | Workshops | Kith + Kin

Brittany Sharpe Mcollum CCE(BWI), CD(DONA), Blossoming Bellies

Brittany began her work as a childbirth professional after the birth of her first son in 2006. She is a Birth Works certified childbirth educator, a DONA certified birth doula, a certified breastfeeding counselor with Nursing Mothers Alliance, and has completed birth doula training with Birth Arts International.  Since 2007, she has been supporting expectant and new families by encouraging them to become knowledgeable, confident, and resourceful recipients of care. Assisting families in creating birth and parenting experiences about which they feel positive, confident, and informed is at the heart of Brittany's work. Her approach to birth and parenting focuses on building awareness of one's intuition and combining it with learned knowledge in a way that is respectful of the needs and abilities of each individual. In addition to her work with expectant parents, she facilitates pelvic bodywork and fetal positioning trainings and conference lectures for birth professionals. Brittany lives in Philadelphia with her husband, two sons, and daughter. Check out her website for upcoming classes, workshops, conference events, and more at, follow her on Instagram @blossomingbelliesbirth, and stay in touch on Facebook at Blossoming Bellies Wholistic Birth Services.

Molly Weingrod | Workshops + Kith + Kin

Molly Weingrod, mindful birth and parenting

Molly has been working with children and families for over a decade, formerly in New York City, and now in Philadelphia, wearing a variety of hats. She has a background in education, whole foods nutrition, and birth. She is a childbirth educator and birth counselor. In all of these areas, Molly has been concerned with questions like: How can we discover what we innately already know? How can we know our experience, and ourselves, more deeply?

With mindfulness, Molly found a model that includes information, education, and counsel, but also goes far beyond. Cultivating a mindfulness practice allows us to develop skills that can support us living life at the deepest level, as well as in living with the day to day reality of doing the dishes, sharing living space, and taking out the garbage. Molly teaches mindfulness classes for parents and expectant parents at Pennsylvania Hospital, Lifecycle WomanCare, and privately around town. When she’s not teaching, she homeschools with her 4 kids, and she is grateful for the (many) opportunities therein to practice mindfulness!

Nikki Lee | Workshops | Kith + Kin

Nikki Lee, baby bodywork

Nikki has been a nurse since 1971. In addition, she is a childbirth educator, a holistic lactation consultant, a craniosacral therapy practitioner, a baby body worker (teaching Infant Massage and TummyTime!), an author, a teacher, a public speaker and will be a registered yoga instructor soon. Her publications include Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Breastfeeding Therapy, the monographs “Benefits of Breastfeeding and Their Economic Impact” and “Sexuality and Breastfeeding” and the educational pamphlet “How to help yourself through labor". She is a reviews editor for the journal Clinical Lactation, writes reviews for the Old-Time Herald, a magazine dedicated to old-time music, is author of the blog, Morning Thoughts, and regularly updates her Facebook page, NikkiLeeHealth.

Jenna Brown | Workshops | Kith + Kin

Jenna Brown, support group facilitator

Jenna Brown (they/them) is a full-spectrum doula, childbirth educator, and founder of Love Over Fear Wellness and Birth, LLC. As their business name suggests, Jenna is passionate about shifting the narrative of fertility, pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum away from fear and into love. A long time student of yoga and the human experience, any class with Jenna will be centered around self-awareness, autonomy, and purposeful and mindful action. When they aren’t attending a birth or teaching, Jenna can be found practicing yoga, reading, or hanging with the cats at their house in Brewerytown.

Maria Lopez | Workshops | Kith + Kin

Maria Lopez, not a peep

When Maria became a mom for the first time, she realized the importance of a good night sleep for her entire family. Immediately, she developed a passion for children's sleep. Her philosophy is very simple. She believes that having a routine is the backbone to good sleep habits and happy kids. She works with families to come up with solutions tailored to their needs. She designs plans that are easy to follow and respects your limits. Her specialties include sleep plans, soothing techniques for baby and routine establishment. I Maria has a degree in psychology from Georgia State University with an emphasis in child psychology and over 18 years of professional childcare . experience. She’s also a certified Happiest Baby Educator, a certified Sleep Sense Sleep consultant, and more importantly a mother to Alina, 5, and Luna, 2.