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Brittany Sharpe Mcollum | Workshops | Kith + Kin

Brittany Sharpe Mcollum

Brittany began her work as a childbirth professional after the birth of her first son in 2006. She is a Birth Works certified childbirth educator, a DONA certified birth doula, a certified breastfeeding counselor with Nursing Mothers Alliance, and has completed birth doula training with Birth Arts International.  Since 2007, she has been supporting expectant and new families by encouraging them to become knowledgeable, confident, and resourceful recipients of care. Assisting families in creating birth and parenting experiences about which they feel positive, confident, and informed is at the heart of Brittany's work. Her approach to birth and parenting focuses on building awareness of one's intuition and combining it with learned knowledge in a way that is respectful of the needs and abilities of each individual. In addition to her work with expectant parents, she facilitates pelvic bodywork and fetal positioning trainings and conference lectures for birth professionals. Brittany lives in Philadelphia with her husband, two sons, and daughter. Check out her website for upcoming classes, workshops, conference events, and more at, follow her on Instagram @blossomingbelliesbirth, and stay in touch on Facebook at Blossoming Bellies Wholistic Birth Services.

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Ilana segal

Hello! I’m Ilana Segal I’m a resident of Philadelphia, and live in the graduate hospital area of the city. I have been working as an occupational therapist for 7 years now, and have been working in early intervention for about 6 years. I have worked at various schools in the area working with children with various diagnoses including down syndrome, developmental delay, cerebral palsy, prader willi, ADD, ADHD, ODD, and currently 85% of my caseload is comprised of children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. I provide therapy services both in school and in the home targeting areas of fine motor skills, self-regulation, overall strengthening, attention/focus, and use of sensory integration interventions. I specialize in working with children birth-5 years old, and seriously enjoy what I do. I get excited to go into work everyday, and see what new skills my kids will acquire. Some of my best days are when I hear parents tell me how happy they are to have their child say hi to them, or call them Mommy, Daddy, or even just acknowledge their presence, for the first time ever, and I know everything I do is for a reason.

Nikki Lee | Workshops | Kith + Kin

Nikki Lee

Nikki has been a nurse since 1971. In addition, she is a childbirth educator, a holistic lactation consultant, a craniosacral therapy practitioner, a baby body worker (teaching Infant Massage and TummyTime!), an author, a teacher, a public speaker and will be a registered yoga instructor soon. Her publications include Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Breastfeeding Therapy, the monographs “Benefits of Breastfeeding and Their Economic Impact” and “Sexuality and Breastfeeding” and the educational pamphlet “How to help yourself through labor". She is a reviews editor for the journal Clinical Lactation, writes reviews for the Old-Time Herald, a magazine dedicated to old-time music, is author of the blog, Morning Thoughts, and regularly updates her Facebook page, NikkiLeeHealth.

Jenna Brown | Workshops | Kith + Kin

Jenna Brown

Jenna Brown (they/them) is a full-spectrum doula, childbirth educator, and founder of Love Over Fear Wellness and Birth, LLC. As their business name suggests, Jenna is passionate about shifting the narrative of fertility, pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum away from fear and into love. A long time student of yoga and the human experience, any class with Jenna will be centered around self-awareness, autonomy, and purposeful and mindful action. When they aren’t attending a birth or teaching, Jenna can be found practicing yoga, reading, or hanging with the cats at their house in Brewerytown.


Julia Rolf

i am licensed clinical social worker and mom living in brewerytown. i have been working with parents for over 8 years in various contexts and i recently founded two rivers therapy so that I could shift the focus of my work with families to the perinatal and postpartum period. during my first year of motherhood, i struggled with postpartum anxiety while working full time as a community based family therapist. the sleep deprivation was other level. everything changed for me when i realized that it was possible for me to take control of my career and life and make changes that would allow me to enjoy both my career and motherhood more. i began to learn about postpartum mood and anxiety disorders (pmads) and decided to start a private practice dedicated to increasing awareness and access to services to prevent and treat pmads. my background is in social work and public health, and my approach to therapy has always been holistic. i approach each family with the assumption that all parents have good intentions, love their children, and are the experts in their own children (even if you don't feel like you are!), and my goal is always to help parents to feel more confident and comfortable in their role as parents. when not working, cleaning up or trying to catch up on sleep, i am happiest when I cooking with my husband, having a dance party with my son, or attempting to make time for my amazing crew of incredibly supportive friends and family. check out for more information about my new practice!

Maria Lopez | Workshops | Kith + Kin

Maria Lopez

When Maria became a mom for the first time, she realized the importance of a good night sleep for her entire family. Immediately, she developed a passion for children's sleep. Her philosophy is very simple. She believes that having a routine is the backbone to good sleep habits and happy kids. She works with families to come up with solutions tailored to their needs. She designs plans that are easy to follow and respects your limits. Her specialties include sleep plans, soothing techniques for baby and routine establishment. I Maria has a degree in psychology from Georgia State University with an emphasis in child psychology and over 18 years of professional childcare . experience. She’s also a certified Happiest Baby Educator, a certified Sleep Sense Sleep consultant, and more importantly a mother to Alina, 5, and Luna, 2.

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tegan bernstein

Tegan lives in Francisville and is a mother who worked in food systems with a focus on food justice for 15 years.  Tegan is founder of Ten Moons Wellness (@tenmoonswellness) where she offers movement based trainings and pelvic floor support to in addition to musings, information and ideas on cooking for and feeding families.  Tegan has studied with Alex Auder (Magu Yoga) and is a graduate of the WakeUp! Yoga 250hr Teacher Training, PranaKriya Prenatal training, the BirthFit postpartum strength series and Leslie Howards Pelvic Floor YogaTM training program.  She has also trained as a doula, postpartum doula and lactation counselor. 


terri simmons

Terri is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), nationally certified and licensed in the State of New Mexico. She has worked in Texas, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico and New Mexico over the last 25 years. In 1993, she received her midwifery training at Maternidad La Luz, in El Paso, Texas. After she worked with several midwives in New Mexico and Guatemala, she returned to Maternidad La Luz where she was a staff midwife for 5 years, and trained numerous midwives from different cultures and countries. Now she is proud to serve the Philadelphia area! Terri speaks Spanish, enjoys working with women from all over the world and brings into her practice her strong belief in social justice. Blending what she has learned from over 1,300 families, hundreds of midwives, and several other teachers, Terri uses essential oils, flower essences, muscle testing, emotional clearings, pulse assessment, herbal remedies, natural therapies, nutrition, and the profound trust of women to have the birth they desire. Terri has cared for hundreds of mothers, babies and families, at their homes, in birth centers and in clinical settings. If hospital care is necessary, she will go with the family and continue care as usual after the birth, keeping with the belief that birth is magical wherever it is and that no one can take that away from us. visit terri at ALCHEMY Birth and Wellness     



carol poorman-shih

Carol is a student midwife training through the apprenticeship model. She trained as a Birth Doula and Breastfeeding Counselor through Birth Arts International. She is also trained as a Bradley Method teacher and doula through the American Academy of Husband Coached Childbirth. She has attended births since 2012 at hospital, birth center and home settings. Carol co-teaches Bradley Birth, breastfeeding and baby wearing classes and serves as a Birth Doula. Before getting involved in birth work, Carol worked as a social worker and teacher. Her two daughters, Magdalena (b. 2011) and Esperanza (b. 2014) and son Manuel (b. 2017), were all born at home.

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catherine lessman

Having a background in Child Development and Psychology and many years experience working with children, I have learned that there are many topics and events that come up in a young child's life, that sometimes parents need a little help with-that’s where I can help! Specializing in Potty Training, Healthy Eating Habits, Behavior Modification, Sleep Routines, and Specific Early Childhood Concerns, I have helped hundreds of families successfully potty train their child and develop healthy eating habits for the pickiest of eaters or allowed your household to get a full nights sleep. Being a mom myself, I know the overwhelming advice, self-help and guidance you are flooded with on a daily basis. At Miss Catherine Consulting, I take a personal approach to help each family individually tackle their issue with simple and easy tools to help you achieve success all while personalizing your plan to your family.

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Megan bousquet, ma, atr, lpc

As a therapist and mother, Megan has extensive experience working with women, children, and families and has been practicing therapy for over 15 years. Her professional work and personal experiences as a mother have guided her towards a passion for providing supportive therapy and counseling for women’s wellness, maternal mental health and children. Megan holds specialized experience in the areas of women’s health, yoga, mindfulness, and child development. Her therapeutic approach is wellness based and utilizes a blend of expressive art therapy, yoga, cognitive behavioral therapy, breathing techniques and mindfulness based meditation.

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Megan zimmerman

Megan Zimmerman is an enthusiastic speech-language pathologist with extensive experience working with children across the developmental continuum. She currently works full time at Foundations for Growing, a multi-collaborative facility that provides pediatric therapy to a broad spectrum of children with varyingstrengths and developmental needs. Specializing in autism spectrum
disorders, Megan believes in making communication accessible for every body, and is passionate about helping clients and their families achieve optimal communication through multiple modalities. Megan has a B.S. from the Pennsylvania State University, an M.A. from Temple University, and an Instructional 1 teaching certificate from the PA Department of Education. She is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania and is certified by the American Speech-LanguageHearing Association (ASHA).

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Crystal Widmann, MS, MEd, E-RYT, C-PT, founder of Y2B Fit + creator of BYO Baby BarreTM, is a postnatal fitness expert, specializing in barre + yoga training with over 12 years of experience teaching fitness classes and training women to reach their health + fitness goals. Crystal won the 2016 + 2017 Philadelphia Family Magazine “Love Award” for Best Personal Trainer for Families. She utilized her Master’s Degree in Exercise Science combined with her personal experience as a new mom to develop her innovative Core Restore + BYO Baby BarreTM techniques that target the specific needs of postnatal women. These programs fuse barre, traditional fitness training principles, and physical therapy elements to create a full body workout. Crystal is a passionate, creative, and empowering trainer. Her desire is to create a community environment where everyone feels empowered to reach their health + fitness goals.

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katie katz

Katie is the founder and owner of Philadelphia Lactation, a local company dedicated to teaching and supporting mothers. In her commitment to help breastfeeding mothers, Katie has been able to form long lasting relationships with each mother and fully dedicates herself to their success, focusing on each mother and baby as a unique situation with unique challenges. Katie has an innate ability to troubleshoot issues and instill confidence and calmness in her clients, as she approaches clients the same way a caring and compassionate friend would console any new mother. To obtain the knowledge, experience, and and level of care that Katie is able to provide, she worked as both a postpartum and pediatric nurse. After getting the most out of those jobs, Katie knew her true passion was in helping women breastfeed. Katie is uniquely equipped to help with special clinical knowledge and has the ability to handle a variety of breastfeeding issues while providing gentle encouragement and unbiased support.

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kristen smith

Kristen Smith, PA-C attended Drexel University where she obtained a Bachelor's in Biomedical Engineering and a Master's in Physician Assistant Studies. She began her career working in Abington Hospital's Emergency Department and then transitioned fully to outpatient pediatrics in an underserved area of Philadelphia. She is a member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants and has attended conferences on the local and national levels. Kristen was born and raised in Philadelphia and is the proud parent of a 3 year old daughter and one dog.

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Dr. kindra scott

Dr. Scott is a native of Maryland who graduated from Temple University with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. She is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and has a strong interest in the development of infants and toddlers. Dr. Scott has gained valuable work experience at prominent children’s hospitals such as The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Kennedy Krieger Institute (Baltimore). She also brings a wealth of knowledge through work in a variety of pediatric settings including homecare, school-based, and outpatient.

iris kimbrough

Iris is a Birth & Postpartum Support Professional (Doula), Lactation Counselor (CLC), and Childbirth Educator. She has been working with birthing & parenting people and their families through her business, Phoenix Rising Birth Works, and as an active member of Maternity Care Coalition’s Community Doula network since 2016. A mother of 3 amazing rainbow princesses, her birthing experiences and life journey ignited her passion and advocacy for trauma informed care within perinatal health care and led her to found The Purple Lotus Project, a grassroots initiative with a mission to promote awareness about the intersections of childhood sexual abuse and birth trauma through community education, workshops for birth professionals and peer support spaces for pregnant and parenting survivors. The peer support aspect of The Purple Lotus Project, the Healing thru Storytelling series, is a quarterly art and open dialogue based safe space that debuted in June. To find out more about Iris, her birth services and upcoming events – including the ‘Ask A Doula” childbirth education & postpartum preparation series – click the link!

elena jaworski

Elena is a mother, a registered nurse, parent educator and currently studying to become a International board certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Elena started her nursing career at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where she found her passion for educating families. Elena is currently a nurse and parent educator at Pennsylvania hospital on the Mother/Baby unit. During this class, Elena will instill confidence in the caregiver and be able to identify ways to prevent harm.

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Stefania baita

Stefania Baita is a certified Life & Career Coach who passionately works with busy adults on how to be more productive with their time and happier with their work-life balance. She also focuses on Goal setting, Personal and Career transitions, and loves to support mothers during the delicate phase of going back to work after having a baby, or after an extended leave. Before transitioning to coaching, Stefania successfully worked for a multi-national corporation for more than a decade. Stefania has 2 children under 6, lived and worked in 4 countries and is fluent in English, Italian, Spanish and French. She has been recently featured on CBS3 for her coaching on Goal setting.

taylor johnson-gordon

Taylor Johnson-Gordon is Food Educator, Herbalist, and the Founder and Director of Sistah of the Yam, LLC, a Philadelphia based business whose mission is to help Black women and girls heal and grow resiliency through real, affordable food. She has taught many herbal and cooking workshops all over Philadelphia, worked with clients 1:1 and is known for her warm and simple approach to cooking and healthy living. She holds a particular interest in pregnancy and postpartum nutrition and herbal support for Black mothers. Taylor holds a Bachelors of Science in Biology from Point Loma Nazarene University, a Masters of Arts in Christian Education from Princeton Theological Seminary, and is currently pursuing her Masters of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health (with a focus on Herbal Medicine) from Maryland University School of Integrative Health as well as working towards becoming a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS). Taylor is an Oceanside, California native who lives in Philadelphia with her husband Jason and their 1-year old daughter Eve (whom has been vegan since birth). Some of her favorite tastes are: avocados, homemade sauerkraut stinging nettle tea, sweet potatoes, authentic Southern California Mexican food, and a simple pot of rice coconut rice and black beans.

dr. michelle friedman

Michelle is the owner and clinical director of Atlantic Physical Therapy. She graduated from Drexel University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program in 2007 with a concentration in orthopedics and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from The George Washington University. She founded Atlantic Physical Therapy in 2015 with a mission to provide high quality holistic care. She holds certifications in the Graston Technique, the Aligned Flow Yoga Method, and the CAPP certification in pelvic floor physical therapy through the Women’s Health Section of the American Physical Therapy Association. She is interested in integrating a holistic approach to rehabilitating her patients which includes yoga, dietary, and lifestyle changes.