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Tiny Bites: Baby-Led Feeding Basics

Maybe you are brand new to “Baby-Led Weaning” and are curious to know more, or you have read the book but have questions about how to take the theory into practice- come learn if baby-led feeding is right for you! Join other parents for this informative workshop which will cover:

  • When is it appropriate to start solids

  • Why Baby-Led Weaning (feeding!) would be right for you

  • Everything you need to get started (hint: it’s simple)

  • Amount and types of foods that are good “first foods” (updated from international guidelines)

  • Gagging vs. Choking

  • Size of foods that should be offered during for a variety of developmental levels

  • Learn how this approach can mean 1 Family = 1 Meal (no more multiple meals!)

  • How important it is to diversify the variety of textures and tastes that your baby is exposed to for palate development (ie, picky eaters)

  • Leave with a (easy) recipe booklet of tried and true baby led weaning favorites. Sample some of the recipes while you are there!

+ $30 for pre-registration/$35 at the door

+ Instructor: Tegan Bernstein

+ Babies are welcome to attend but not required

+ scholarship available for our Onward Mama members. Call or inquire within.